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Hebei Xuanhua: Battle of the Ming Dynasty military castle and anti - Ge Yu Bao

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Upload time: 2018-12-05 17:56:13
Caption: Xuanhua District of Hebei city of Zhangjiakou Ge Yu Bao the southeast corner of the wall remains December 5, 2018 aerial.

General description: city in Xuanhua province is located in Hebei District Zhangjiakou Dong Wang Shan Xiang Ge Yu Bao was founded. Before an Lushan Rebellion, had built Xiongwu Juncheng, troops stationed, so there is a "first Ge Yu Bao, after Xuanhua city".

After the mid Ming Dynasty, Yu Bao Ge is Xuanhua Town Road, the road is Xuanhua town resident canjiang. Ge Yu Bao from the location to the design of built fort are strictly abide by the time of the battle, the Ming Dynasty is a important military war against the castle.

Ge Yu Bao reconstruction has been 580 years from Xuande years, during after the smoke of war, wind and rain erosion, layers of fortification fortification history was washed away, the local government has carried out rescue protection of Ge Yu Bao part of ancient buildings.

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