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Domestic new type supersonic cruise missile first appeared in Zhuhai airshow debut

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Caption: 11 months 2018 years 8 days, the audience watching the real HD-1 supersonic cruise missile.

General description: November 8, 2018, the audience watching the HD-1 supersonic cruise missile.

Being held in the 2018 Zhuhai airshow, the domestic listed company grand HD-1 supersonic cruise missile weapon system developed by blasting for the first time the public display for the first time. HD-1 missile with Solid Ramjet Engine of international advanced technology, and in the middle of last month in the north of a flight test base of the successful completion of the first supersonic cruise flight test, the average flight speed of up to 3.5 times the speed of sound.

At the same time HD-1 supersonic cruise missile can be supersonic maneuver in 36 seconds, 6 missiles can be fired all completed, early warning to the enemy very little time, the system has very strong penetration ability, easy maintenance, high accuracy, high damage power, good fitting characteristics of platform. HD-1 supersonic cruise missile engine is the first domestic use of solid rocket ramjet engine as the power device of missile weapon.

HD-1 is a multi-purpose design module in accordance with the development of missile weapon system. Including the basic vehicle type, airborne and shipborne type 3 series, weapon system consists of missiles, missile launching system, command and control systems and integrated security system 4 system. Against land and sea targets, can choose the "IMU + satellite" and "IMU + satellite + optical guidance" and "IMU + satellite + radar guidance" and other guidance, capable of precision strike in large ships, large underground headquarters, large ground military facilities to achieve. The cruise missile is 6 meters long, the average flight speed of 3.5 Maher, range of 300 kilometers and the payload of 400 kg, a variety of technical and tactical indicators are at the forefront of the world.

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